creativity-characterCreativity Makes the World a Better Place – Don’t you Want a Better World?

There is nothing I enjoy more in life than creating something new.  For me this could be cooking an amazing dinner, penning a great blog post (like this!) or my true passion creating innovative and fun products like Storyboard That or Photos for Class.
As a good digital citizen by sharing your creations with the world you make a better, richer, fuller Internet for everyone!

Why Create?

When you create something you get to use everything you have ever learned, mix it with your ideas and passions, and research what you are most curious about.
Think about the last time you drew a picture and it started with a single line, wrote a poem based off a single word, or took that amazing photo?  What did you learn? How happy did it make you feel?  Did you know you could do it?

How excited were you to share it?

Why Share

When you share your creations, that you poured your heart and soul into, you grow stronger and stronger and give enjoyment to others.  For me there are three big reasons I like to share, two are selfishly for my benefit, and one for everyone else.

  1. People love to look at other people’s work – When you create something new and original it lets everyone see a new way to look at something and inspires others to explore their own passions and dreams.
  2. It feels good to be recognized for your work – I’ll admit it, I like when people like what I built.  Who doesn’t like it when they share on Facebook and get 50 Likes?
  3. (Most Important) Listening to and improving based on feedback – when people let you know what they think of your work (both good and bad) it gives your valuable knowledge and ideas on how to make your next creation even better.

How this Makes the World a Better Place

Since the web came out in 1989 people from around the world have poured their hearts and souls into creating and sharing the technology and content we use every day.   As of 3/8/15 Wikipedia has 4,737,299 articles in English, Flickr has ~5 billion of photos, and there are around 1.2 billion websites.  Storyboard That has seen over 700,000 storyboards created!
As a digital citizen you get to do your part and build out the future of the internet and the content and products we will be using in the future.

Why Storyboard That and Photos for Class?

I created Storyboard That to help increase creativity in myself and others.  By being able to quickly create storyboards and graphical organizers authors (like you) are empowered to explain a new idea, make a YouTube script, or bring a homework assignment to life.  After the storyboards are created the creator can share with others to receive feedback and make it better and better!
Photos for Class is my second website to increase creativity.  Fast access to gorgeous photos make reports and presentations more exciting and inspiring.  The more exciting a project the more creativity that gets poured in, making it more exciting, creating a wonderful output!

Last Thought and a Challenge

If you had one week alone with a computer, a camera and some pizza what would you make?


  1. Create something unique and original
  2. Share it with the world
  3. Listen to the feedback – and don’t get upset!
  4. Make something better and go back to step 2
Article by Aaron Sherman, Founder, StoryBoard That – Mr. Sherman has a BS in management and an MS in Computer Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI). He worked for 9+ years in both technology and marketing across the globe in Boston, Barcelona, and Sydney. He brings to the table a powerful vantage point of common problems regardless of location and an astute understanding of communication opportunities.

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