digitalheroism2-kindness-featuredThomas A. Edison said, “If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.” Edison’s words were likely said more than a century ago – before anyone could even conceive of how interconnected the world would be today.

How has this connectedness enhanced our capabilities? At a recent conference, a speaker said, “today’s teens have more ability to organize people than a Middle Age king.”

Today’s students can connect instantly, with people of all ages, from anywhere in the world. We can promote understanding, share beautiful moments with others, learn about the hopes and dreams of someone from a different culture, or develop a tool that makes a difference in the lives of others. I have seen countless examples of teens in the world who are already doing each of these things.

How do you want to use technology?

The digital heroes of tomorrow will choose to use technology for kindness. It’s in our DNA, and it’s already in our technologies. The iPhone, iPad, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, 3D Printing, etc. were all created so we can connect with and learn from each other, find information, improve lives, and indeed, change the world.

To use technology for lesser purposes is to squander the extraordinary opportunity we all have. No other generation has had as much power as yours to change the world. This is not only an opportunity – it is your obligation. You matter. You are a genius, and the world needs your contribution.

Fortunately, your generation understands this far better than those that came before you. You believe in the future. You believe that one person can make a difference. Listening to you speak about the world gives me hope and inspiration.

Protect your optimism because the future demands it. Protect your sense of possibility. Without it, we despair, and it’s hard to change the world from despair. You are more conscious and conscientious than my generation was at your age. You see problems in the world – globally and locally – and strive to understand, learn and discover instead of waiting for others to do something about them.

Technologies won’t change the world. The manner in which we use technology is changing the world, for good.

How will you use technology to change the world?

This post written by Angela Maiers, who writes: I am so glad you found your way into this important conversation about learning, leadership, digital literacy and 21st Century Skills. My life path has always been about teaching and communication. My twenty five years as an educator and my passionate pursuit of literacy and learning, gave me the healthy dose of courage and skills that have led me through a wonderful variety of experiences, including classroom and University teaching, instructional coaching, research, writing, publishing, corporate training, and starting my own business. Through the course of these experiences, I began to use technology in a variety of ways. It was my blog, and now my engagement on Twitter and multiple social networking sites that changed everything for me. There are no limits for learners with passion, foresight, and a desire to grow. Technology, used strategically, has the power to leverage human capital and maximize performance of organizations big and small. I would be honored to take the conversation to the next level. Let’s consider what’s possible. Together We Are Smarter!


Explain how you will use technology to change the world.


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