Welcome to Day 2 of Indiana Digital Citizenship Week! Each day this week we will be celebrating by exploring a different topic related to being our best selves in the digital world. Each of these five posts will include a brief discussion of the day’s topic as well as resources and ideas for discussing these topics with your friends.

Day 2 – Digital Literacy

Being literate in the digital age means developing several skills. We need to be able to understand how technology works, how technology affects us, how we can use technology to make our lives better, and how others use technology to control or change the information we see.

In order to become media literate, we need to spend time thinking critically about how technology changes our view of the world. We need to also learn how to use technology well, so that we don’t feel helpless in an increasingly digital world. Finally, we need to become good at recognizing technology’s potential dangers and opportunities.

Here are some resources to learn more about this topic:

Here are 5 actions that you can take today:

Discussion Starters to Use with Your Friends:

  • What skills do you feel are essential in the Digital Age and why?
  • What are your best strategies learn a new technology skill?
  • How do our online choices affect how we see the world?
  • How do we know that what we see online is true or reliable?
  • How are our lives affected by social media?
  • What are the coolest things we can do with technology?
  • What are the worst things that people do with technology?
  • Would you be okay with living in a world without smart phones or other mobile technology?
  • Has technology changed childhood?