Welcome to Indiana Digital Citizenship Week! Each day this week we will be celebrating by exploring a different topic related to being our best selves in the digital world. Each of these five posts will include a brief discussion of the day’s topic as well as action steps you can take to be a digital hero.

Day 1 – Digital Safety

In the digital world, just like in the physical world, we need to take precautions to make sure that we are safe. This includes protecting our physical selves, our identities, our personal information, and our digital property.

Making sure that we don’t expose our information to attack requires that we take simple defensive steps such as using good passwords, being on guard against hacking, monitoring our privacy settings for the online tools we use, and being cautious not to share too much of our personal information online.

Here are some resources to learn more about this topic:

Here are 5 actions that you can take today:

Discussion Starters to Use with Your Friends:

  • What are your rules for what you choose to share online?
  • How do you make sure that you are keeping your information safe online?
  • Why is it important to keep your information private?
  • How do you determine who to trust online?
  • How do you recognize an online scam or hacking attack?
  • How can we work together to make sure that everyone is safe online?