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Using eMaze and Moovly to Create Exciting Presentations

If you’ve been looking for a more exciting way to present information, you will want to check out eMaze and Moovly. Both of these tools definitely go beyond the simple slide-based presentation, and they are sure to impress your classmates and teachers!




You can use eMaze to design exciting presentations for free. We like it because you can:

  • Use this tool for free.
  • Save and access your work from anywhere.
  • Choose from a variety of templates.
  • Easily add text, images, videos, and links.
  • Use the 3D option to enhance your presentation.

Check out these video tutorials to learn more and get started creating your own presentations!



You can use Moovly to create exciting animated videos for free. We like it because you can:

  • Use this tool for free.
  • Use Moovly’s library of animated images to tell a story.
  • Add your own text and animate it inside the video.
  • Add audio and images to your project.

Learn more about Moovly by checking out this introduction video; See examples of Moovly videos in the Moovly gallery; and get started with Moovly by viewing these Moovly Tips.


Check out these two great tools and let us know what you think. What types of presentations do you imagine you could use these tools for? If you’ve used them before, tell us how you used them or share an example.

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