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by: Bryce Fulling & Jordan Parker

Thinglink allows you to take an image and put various links on it that will take you to other articles or videos. Thinglink is a very easy and fun way to share and organize data so that you can find it when needed. Thinglink would be a very good tool to use for presentations and other school projects. One of the best things about Thinglink is that you can have your information on one link and you can have your details or examples on another link. With Thinglink there is also an option to add a background to put your links on and you can customize the shape of your links. This makes for a very easy project to make and they can be very appealing when you are presenting to a class.


by: Natalie Christian & Gladis Reyes-Luna

Thinglink is an amazing site that permits you to take any image and put links on the dots. You can put any link you would like and use it for an informative presentation or anything you would like to use it for.It is an extraordinary, fun, and also easy site for kids or adults. You can also put videos, or articles to help spark, and enhance the presentation that you are working on. There are many more options or thing that you can do with this site. It’s the most fun and easiest thing to do for presentations.

Your Challenge:

How might you use Thinglink in your work at school? What sort of work would it be best for? Would you like to use it for a school project?

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