This resource page is for EVSC students and parents who want to learn how to join Cisco Webex meetings.


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For directions on how to join a Webex, please visit our resource on How to join a Webex Meeting from a URL Link, Google Calendar, or Gmail.

How to Improve the Audio and Video Quality of your Webex
  1. How is your Internet speed in the room where you Webex?  
    • Cisco has a website where you can test your speed –
    • If you find that your test results are poor, try doing the test in another room to see if the results improve.
    • What can cause fair or poor results:
      • Your distance to the Wifi router. Move closer to the router. Test again.
      • The number of walls between your device and Wifi router can diminish the signal strength.  Move to a closer room. Test again.
      • Your modem and/or Wifi router have not been reset recently.  Turn them off and back on to see if that improves your speed. Test again.
  2. If a user is on a mobile device, are they using the home’s wifi or a cell phone data plan?
    • Test your device’s Internet speed.
    • The preferred Internet for Webex is Wifi.
    • If a user has to use their cell phone data plan to join the Webex, it is suggested that the user not enable their camera.
    • If a user is using their cell phone data plan AND using their camera, if their audio cuts in and out, ask them to turn off their camera and try speaking again to see if that improves the quality of their audio.
  3. Join the meeting using the Desktop Application instead of using the web browser.
  4. For the best audio, use a set of headphones with a built-in microphone.  
    • Webex uses software to filter out background noise and sometimes it can soften your voice when using the microphone built in to your device.  If this is all you have, make sure that you:
      • speak in the direction of the microphone.
      • don’t move around in your seat or swivel – which causes your mic to have trouble focusing on your voice as the sound changes direction.
      • keep background noises at a minimum.
      • and speak in a volume that Webex puts your voice at the front.
    • If you find that the microphone in your headphones does not work when you plug them into your computer, it may be because the headphone jack in the computer does not allow the use of the built-in microphone.
How to Fix Microphone Not Working in Windows 10

1). Click on the Windows button .

2). Click on Settings.

3). In the Settings search box, type microphone.

4). Click Choose which apps can access your microphone.

5).  Scroll to the bottom of the page.

6).  Make sure the toggle for Allow desktop apps to access your microphone is turned ON.

How to Fix Webcam Not Working in Windows 10
1). Click on the Windows button .

2). Click on Settings.

3). Click on Privacy.

4).Click Camera in the sidebar.

5). Scroll down the page to the section Allow desktop apps to access your camera and make sure it is toggled On.

Webex Win10 Webcam 03.gif

How to Fix Permissions, Microphone, and Webcam Issues in Apple macOS

1). Open the System Preferences application.

2). Click on Click on Security & Privacy.

3). Click the lock in the bottom left corner of the panel to unlock the settings.  Enter your computer password to unlock.

4). Click Privacy from the tabs at the top.

5). Click Camera in the sidebar.

6). Make sure Cisco Webex is check marked in the list.

7). Click Microphone in the sidebar.

8). Make sure Cisco Webex is check marked in the list.

Additional Resources

For Windows , macOS , iOS , Android .
Chromebooks use Chrome browser.

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