Read and follow the directions below carefully. 

Please do NOT use the Google button to log in to Spark. 

The directions below outline how to log in using the School Account button located on the right side of the Spark log in page.

How to Sign In to Adobe Spark

Visit to get started.

You will also find a link to Spark on the Student Website Links page.

1). Click on Log in located in the top-right of the website.

Click on "Log In" in the top right corner

2). Click on Log in with school account.

NOTE: The login options are the left side are for the public.  To provide support and to gain the premium features of the program, all EVSC users need to use the teacher/student login option on the right.

Click "Log in with school account"

3). Enter your EVSC email address in the username box.  The website will redirect you to a Google login screen.

Enter your EVSC Email address in the box and wait to be redirected to a special Google login page.
Redirecting Animation to Google page

4). Click your account from the Google Account screen OR choose Add account.

If you use Add account, enter your EVSC Google email address and password in the boxes provided.

Click "Your Account" OR "Add Account"

5). Now you’re signed in to Adobe Spark!

Congratulations!  You are not logged in to Adobe Spark!

How to Sign Out of Adobe Spark

Look for a user avatar image in the top-right corner of the website.  Click your avatar, and then choose Sign Out.

If you have trouble signing out of Adobe Spark, using the same browser, go to, click your avatar, and then choose Sign Out.

Click your avatar and then choose Sign Out.